Julia Chuang

Land Politics in Rural China

The legal termination of universal household use-rights to rural land, formerly a centerpiece of the socialist Chinese social contract, is now a leading cause of protest in rural China.  It is also the basis for a significant transformation of state-society relations in rural China.  I have several articles which analyze the theoretical implications of China's new rural political economy; explore the new social stratification of the rural economy; and explore dynamics of land-related collective action.  Finally, in an ongoing project, I compile a corpus of traces of land-related grievances on Chinese social media and use topic modeling to discern the framing tactics and emotional valence of responses to land expropriation.

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* American Sociological Association, Section on Labor and Labor Movements Distinguished Graduate Student Paper 2014
* Bharadwaj and Wolf Prize for outstanding article published in Journal of Peasant Studies by a young scholar 2017

Chuang, Julia. 2014. China's Rural Land Politics: Bureaucratic Absorption and the Muting of Rightful Resistance. The China Quarterly Vol. 219: 649-669..